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"Birth prep is life prep...It is soul work. It is self work.It's going to the depths of who I really am, who I think I am...If we have secrets from ourselves, birth is going to bring that sh*t to the surface.If it doesn't happen in the actual birth process, it will happen in postpartum, it will happen in relationship dynamics, in our parenting...Birth preparation actually has less to do with birth than it does self development, self excavation and reclamation of our autonomy."
-Aimee Aroha

What is my role as your Doula?

 I am NOT your power.

I am not stripping you of your power and selling it back to you as empowerment.

I am your REMINDER.

My role as your doula is to REMIND you of your own inherent power that exists WITHIN YOU!

I support you in having a pregnancy and birth journey you desire.

You have so many options and should birth the way that YOU want to birth.

Being a Doula is ancestral.

More than a way to make a living, more than a necessity for me. Doulas are essential to the journey of pregnancy, birth and motherhood.

It takes a village to raise a child and a mother. This generation of women did not get the villages they deserved. Our elders were everything.

Doulas are more than an aid, we are your support system, your friend, your heart and soul, we become your partners, not just through birth but parenthood as well.

I take this to heart.

That is why it sickens me to see birth treated as a commodity today and attempting to monetize sacred passage.

If you are going to be paying $1,000 - $2,000 you deserve substantial support.

More than one meet and greet during your pregnancy, more than support during the last stage of your birth, more than one check-in postpartum.

As much support that you need during pregnancy, birth and postpartum is what you deserve.

What I offer you can’t put a dollar value on or “repay” back.

THAT is how valuable this work truly is. 


Birth + Postpartum Doula Services

Prenatal Visits

Development of Birth Plan

Vision Board

Birth Affirmations

Comfort Techniques

Prenatal Yoga

Emotional, Physical, Mental, Spiritual Support

Access To My Personal Library

Home Blessing

Breastfeeding + Lactation Assistance


Meal Planning/Preparation

House Cleaning

Run Errands

24/7 On Call Support

Infant Care Postpartum

Care of Other Children In Home

Newborn Birth Chart Reading

Child Blessing

Belly Binding

Healing + Sealing Ceremony

Holistic Care Education

Herbalist, Vaginal Steaming, Placenta Encapsulation Referrals

So Much More!

Schedule a Free 1 hour Consultation

Discuss the best care suitable for you and payment plan inquiries

Pregnancy + Birth Photography


Our entire experience, begins in the most sacred of places. 

The womb.

Pregnancy and birth are transformational. For you and the world.

I vow to nurture, protect and invest in birthing people!

Contributing to a birth experience and supporting parents is such a privilege.

Documenting it is a gift that I treasure with my entire heart.

I wish to capture every beautiful moment of vulnerability that is gifted in life. 

The beautiful portal that is YOU.

What we categorize as "beautiful," "messy," "amazing," or even "undesirable."

I find so much value in it all. 

I'd love to show you too. 


Schedule a free consultation + pricing inquiries


There is no "right" or "wrong" way to give birth. It's important to plan, but leave room for the mystery and spontaneity that is birth. whether it is a raw, painful, primal experience, or one that is managed medically, birth is transformative: A human being is entering the world and a mother is born. 

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