We are those children..

If we looked at each other with more compassion, more of a willingness to innerstand + empathize, practiced forgiveness + realized that at the root of us all is pure love + overstand that we all have so much hurt that resides in each of us from accumulated trauma since birth, we could change the world.

At the core root of us, is love. Just love. That’s it.

However, we’ve accumulated so much hurt. We are such hurt beings.

No matter what from, your childhood, your family, abuse, betrayal. Trauma.

We look in the mirror and see how so incredibly tough it can be, to always remain in control of our emotions, to always respond with kind words and patience, to always hold our self-control when we’re tired, frustrated, disappointed or angry.

With children, we don’t expect them to know it all, to constantly have their shit together.

We give space for the allowance + freedom of expression of human being emotions.

So when I see us, adults, expressing anger, jealousy. Feeling vindictive. Irritable. Depressed. Suicidal.

Even if someone is truly ugly to another being.

I feel compassion.

Children adapt to protect themselves. We’re all in search of feeling “safe.”

When we’re threatened, attacked, afraid, neglected, etc. we all will go into our own form of defense mode.

No matter what it looks like, escaping, enraging, seeking, exaggerating, distracting, etc.

More defense, the more that person is just truly hurt inside.

When you see someone expressing any sort of darkness in any fashion. Especially in a manner that doesn’t make sense to you, I see hurt. I feel compassion. I seek to understand, listen + support.

Like I said, under all of our hurt, sadness + pain is a heart that is LONGING for connection. love. support.

These are all normal, HEALTHY human emotions we have! Yin + Yang. It is when we are feeling alone in these feelings that a “separation” occurs.

The mind likes to play the trick that you are alone. Lonely in your thoughts, feelings + in this world.

So let’s love + heal + support one another more. Let us move away from shame + discouragement.

Make the planet a more compassionate place.

We wish that for our children... if only we could see we ARE those children.



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