Hustle Culture Toxicity

“You are doing the best that you can. You’re doing enough. You’re doing enough. You’re doing enough. Keep showing up in love. Keep showing up in what makes you you. You don’t have to be anybody else. You don’t have to do anything else. Keep your heart open and your mind open.”—innerlightwarrior


To the people that become crippled by the weight of always doing and performing they become paralyzed into taking little action at all.

I see you. I am you.

In a society that has deemed hustle culture as the norm.

Multiple streams of income.

Take my course here. Book me there. Follow my onlyfans. Pay for my patreon. Sign up for my “BLAH.” Join my community of “BLAH.” Take my workshop on “BLAH.”

“I just need 20 people to pay for this $500 course, I just need 100 people to subscribe for $5”

Every post you make is either an outright selling point or an opportunity to entice you that eventually loops back into you make said selling point.

Every story post is a promotion and marketing of yourself.

Be the most creative, inspiring, articulate, knowledgeable.

The FIRST line of every business class “Create and identify a problem that YOU can solve.”

Even making a business off of authenticity + intuitiveness. Be the most authentic. Be the most vulnerable. Be the realest, most inspiring thoughtful creative you can be. Make a business off of healing, spirituality, real human connection.

Trying to turn every single thing you love and are good at as an income. As a market.

I love yoga? Capitalize off it. I love astrology? Market it. I love children, birth, support and just plain ol life? Turn it into a fucking income.

$500 courses to fund someones aesthetically pleasing lifestyle.

Just trying to figure out the quickest way to make a couple grand.

Compromising your integrity for financial security.

“Fuck it sex sells.”

I don’t want to constantly market myself. I don’t want to post half naked pictures or sexualize my body or my message. I don’t want to sound poetically beautifully articulate and inspiring all of the time. I don’t want to spend my life making you feel good or be in service of you for money. Whether it’s inspiring you, healing you, informing you, enticing you, I don’t want to fucking do it for money.

“So don’t.” With no real guidance anywhere of how to do it otherwise.

Cause guess what? You have to pay for someones fucking course to learn about that, no true human just showing others how to really fulfilling-ly make it.

Why can’t I admit I don’t want to have to depend on doing shit for you for me to live the life I want to?

“Cause that’s just the way the world works” ?????

I have to be of service to you in some way shape or form to be able to afford to live.

“Well do it for you” if im fucking doing it for myself why am I having to DEPEND on it?

“Well then do what you want and love to do and the money will just be an awesome bonus”

Do not misconstrue my words, I believe all humans came on this earth to be of service to one another in some shape or form and that its essential for our souls development— I just personally believe we FUCKED everything up in the process.

And that’s why you have buddhists, shamans that live in the bush, healers, and etc. that aren’t famously popular, that aren’t all super well known, that do what they truly love and are of service to man and the world for just enough in return. Societies that still run on bartering, trading, providing meaningful, necessary services and still thriving and existing today. Because they realize the true “income” is the fulfillment they get from the REAL service they are providing humanity and Mother Nature and that man and Mother Nature always in turn provides just enough of what they TRULY need right back.

Take me back to the days where we farmed. Bartered and traded. Skilled in trade that helped further our communities. Helped each other. Truly lived.

I have always said since a child I wasn’t meant for all of this westernized capitalistic shit.

And I have always been criticized, condemned and mocked for “believing in a fairytale” because I don’t subscribe to this matrix.

In elementary school learning how if all of the wealth would be equally divided up we’d all still be rich.

I’ve always been the black sheep for calling out fucked up ways of living. For “going against the grain.”

To each their own I guess, these are just my thoughts on the daily.

Now back to creating this free course to help support my mothers and mommas to be understand + connect with their children 😂✌🏽

Hustle culture goes directly against what we already know to be true— abundance, wealth, health, prosperity and joy are OUR BIRTHRIGHT. ✨


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