Authenticity. Vulnerability. Self Acceptance.

Most people aren’t comfortable being their true vulnerable authentic selves every day and show up like that for themselves. So who are they to judge you in your authentic expression? Most people barely know themselves. So what does it matter what they think of you?

At the end of the day, it’s about how you feel about yourself.

Living your naked truth will always disturb those living well dressed lies.

Do not be enslaved to the expectations of people who don’t even meet their own expectations of themselves!

Believe in yourself FIRST. Searching for confirmation + validation from others will lead you out of YOUR power and in the comfortable limitations of others. Love yourself to the point where you don’t need to prove yourself to others. Love yourself so much that you don’t seek approval. Love yourself enough to be at peace and happy to be who you truly are.

“Don’t be out here tryna prove yourself to folk who ain’t proved themselves to themselves. You’ll never be seen. I promise.” -Amari Arnett

The cliche saying that people are too busy worried about what people think about THEM to be worried about you is entirely true. Be caught up in proving yourself TO yourself FOR yourself. It is much more worth it to live that way.




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